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To be a Black woman is to be forced to keep the emotions we feel locked away for fear that we will be labelled as aggressive, as loud, as a bully.


Dear Black women and girls, I want you to scream, live your truth in colour because shaping your humour, your speech and the tone of your voice to seem more amicable, to be more palatable dims your light.

You were born to shine.


They may call you angry and rude, make fun of your style but listen when I say that you are not the labels they place upon you or the names they call you. It doesn’t define YOU.     


Yours sincerely,    

An “Aggressive” Black Woman x    



They say love is love, but do nothing to denounce words that condemn us to burn. To live a lie is to be desired in secret behind the new normal and the inability to speak freely in the open. Two halves living in fear, confined within internalised guilt that only leads to the hatred of our own instead of praying with our bodies. 


This is a new testament to the years of our truth and we will no longer hide inside what darkness makes. When we kneel together on this unused sacred ground our soles will touch as we close the distance between us, embraced by the most high. 


Yes, I may be in your of version flames, but within the warmth of the fire I am the light.


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